City & Docklands add innovative electric shuttles to Old Oak developments

City & Docklands are busy in Old Oak and Park Royal, with three current developments in the area, and while public transport improvements are on the way, they aren’t waiting around for them, and are looking at laying on their own shuttles to enhance the desirability of the homes they are building.

The sites, One West Point, Mitre Yard, and North Kensington Gate,

Gary Sacks, Chairman and CEO, said: “We want to be in the market now, so we’re looking to counter the ten minute walk from North Kensington Gate to Willesden Junction by putting in our own electric bus shuttle service”.

“The low capital values here when compared to zone 2 make it an attractive investment, but sometimes you need to think around some of the current connectivity issues with a bit of imagination. We’re looking at an electric boat shuttle to Old oak too.

“But it’s not all about getting away, we’ve got a microbrewery coming in on the canal side, we’re creating a destination too.”

Mitre Yard (pictured top), at the gateway to the Old Oak Opportunity Area, has consent for 200 homes, although City & Docklands is seeking to increase that. The current plans include two new buildings ranging from 6 to 19 storeys, and comprise a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The nearby North Kensington Gate (pictured below) is a 164 home scheme including three adjoining buildings of 6, 8 and 22 storeys. Both developments will be retained and marketed for rent by the firm’s management and letting arm.

One West Point is a 578 home development at North Acton which includes four buildings, the tallest being a 42-storey tower which will stand as the tallest residential tower in West London.

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