Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work Launches New App to Keep Campus Connected

Chiswick Park has launched its new Enjoy-Work app, creating a digital community experience while offering a wide range of services for the 10,000 daily office guests.

With many employees splitting their time between the office and home, “Enjoy-App” enables tenants and their employees to connect with the campus and manage their office services on one platform whether they are on the campus or working remotely. Key features of the app include Park news & updates, meeting space booking, concierge services booking, online Enjoy-Work shop, discounts and coupons, and a community chat feature. The new app also has the functionality to manage facilities and maintenance activities such as access control, parking and help desk. It will improve the coordination and communication between Enjoy-Work as a management company and the guests.

“We see the new Enjoy-Work app as an innovative communication platform, which will guide our Guests throughout their journey on our campus and enhance their sense of belonging to our community. It will increase awareness of our brand by creating regular interaction with our Guests while educating them about what Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work has to offer. The new app supports our multi-channel marketing strategy and helps us identify, in real-time, the needs of our target audience,” said Matthew Myerson, Marketing Manager Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work.

The app platform will also offer real-time analytics to the Enjoy-Work team, informing how they should evolve their offering to best suit the needs of the Chiswick Park Guests.

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