Chiswick House open again

chiswick house cafeChiswick House has reopened following a £12m refit.

The refurb programme for the italianate house and 65 acre garden landscape included a new cafe pavilion designed by Caruso St John. Lost views have been reinstated, and over 1600 trees and shrubs planted around the House, originally designed by William Kent in the 1720s.

The house was not originally intended to be lived in – it had no bathroom or kitchen – it was intended to show the possibilities of the then new idiom of palladian architecture.

The £1.4m cafe pavilion is intended to help pay for the upkeep of the house, but is itself in keeping with the tradition of showing new architecture. The designers describe it as a “little temple in the park”, while architecture critic Kieron Long describes it as a “triumph”, and “beautifully crafted”.

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