Charing Cross to get investment

Charing Cross Hospital will not have its services slashed as part of a review of North West London NHS services, but will receive a £90m investment.

The hospital had been slated for slimming down, with specialist services moving to other sites around London. However, it is understood that NHS North West London (NHS NWL) is to reverse this and instead pump investment in to the hospital. NHS NWL will formally announce its plans for the future configuration of hospitals and A&E services in the area on Tuesday February 19.

Their original plans involved demoting Charing Cross into little more than a polyclinic, says Hammersmith & Fulham Council, with all of its major specialisms going elsewhere. The council say that NHS NWL revealed during the public consultation last year that the preferred option would have meant “you could fit the remainder of Charing Cross health services in its gym”.

However, in a dramatic U-turn, NHS NWL will recommend pumping in a massive £90million into rebuilding Charing Cross, which will also retain a 24/7 emergency facility. Under the original plans to demote Charing Cross to a ‘local hospital’ the footprint would have been reduced to 4,300 square metres. The new recommendation would mean that the newly rebuilt hospital is four times larger.


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