Chambers back Heathrow

In an open letter to the Airports Commission, 23 Chambers of Commerce representing over 40,000 businesses from across the UK have backed expansion at Heathrow.

The Chambers believe that only an expanded Heathrow is capable of keeping all of Britain at the heart of the global economy by continuing to put on the flights that drive tourism, inward investment and connect British business to the fast growing markets in Asia and South America.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “More and more people across the UK are recognising the critical role Heathrow plays in the success of the British economy. Business is telling the Commission that Heathrow is geographically in the best location, is the only airport that can deliver flights to the world’s growth markets and the only option that has exports front and centre of its expansion plans.

“With over 25% of all British exports going through Heathrow, compared to only 4% at Gatwick, businesses up and down the country are making it clear that Heathrow is the only option that can help Britain with the race for growth.”

The Chambers’ letter calls on businesses across the UK to support Heathrow during the Airports Commission’s national consultation or risk the UK falling behind European hub rivals.

The signatories to the letter are:
Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
Doncaster Chamber of Commerce
East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
Harrogate Chamber of Trade and Commerce
Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce
Hounslow Chamber of Commerce
Inverness Chamber of Commerce
Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Maidenhead & District Chamber of Commerce
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce
North East Chamber of Commerce
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
South Wales Chamber of Commerce
Shropshire Chamber of Commerce
Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce
Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce
West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce
West London Business
Windsor District Chamber of Commerce

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