Catalyst bond issue secures £250m

Catalyst Housing has issued a 30-year bond and raised £250m to invest in their forward pipeline.

Catalysts first bond issue is the third lowest coupon ever achieved by a housing association for a tenor of 30 years or longer, which the association describes as an “excellent result for a debut issuer”.

The money raised by this bond issue, secured at historically low rates, will be used to build Ealing based Catalyst Housing’s development pipeline towards its target of 1,000 homes per year by 2020.

Rod Cahill, Catalyst’s Chief Executive, said: “This result testifies to Catalyst’s financial, governance and management strength, making us an organisation which bond holders are keen to invest in.

“The money raised also provides a solid foundation to achieve Catalyst’s other commitments: to become a stronger business, to provide excellent customer experience and to attract and retain the talent that make Catalyst an even greater place to work.”

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