Carnwath Road chosen for “Super Sewer” construction

Thames Water has announced Carnwath Road as its preferred site from which to build part of the Thames Tideway tunnel.

They chose the wharf site in preference to a sports field in Barn Elm, Putney because it says it can use larger barges to transfer soil from the digging because of the site’s downstream position, to prevent the need to divert a section of Thames Path, and to avoid the temporary loss of sports pitches in Barn Elms during the six year construction programme.

LB Hammersmith & Fulham leader Stephen Greenhalgh told the Fulham Chronicle: “Blighting the lives of thousands of Fulham residents, threatening homes, jobs and local schools – not to mention the disruption on our roads – for six years is outrageous.”

A 14-week consultation period now begins.

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