Cargiant unveil Old Oak plans

Cargiant Early CGI showing the potential Hythe Road Station SquareCargiant and their development partners London & Regional Properties have unveiled early plans for the future of its 46-acre site at the heart of Old Oak Common which would deliver around 9,000 new homes and around 8,000 new jobs.

The “Old Oak Park” site, as Cargiant are calling the site of their current home, has over a kilometre of canal frontage and, with the new HS2/Crossrail interchange, what will be the best transport connections in London.

The site is wanted by Queens Park Rangers Football Club as part of the site for a new stadium. However, Cargiant’s current plans do not include this.

Their initial plans to redevelop the site, developed by design team PLP/Architecture and Arup, are being launched for consultation.

Cargiant Early CGI showing the potential new high streetCargiant hope Old Oak Park will deliver around 9,000 new homes which will emerge from a series of proposed new neighborhoods. Running through these will be a new high street that will connect the new stations with the Grand Union Canal and Wormwood Scrubs. Along the way new public squares and parks will provide “a heart of activity”, alongside one million sq. ft. of commercial office and workspace, as well as a new cultural quarter, that Cargiant says will support around 8,000 jobs.

Alongside the new residential, commercial and cultural spaces will be new schools, nurseries, play spaces, health facilities, restaurants, bars and a range of other facilities that Cargiant hope will create not just a place for new residents but “a new community for all of West London”.

Geoff Springer, Director at Cargiant’s Development Partner, London & Regional Properties, said: “At Old Oak Park we will create a place that people and families from right across London would choose to live in, with job opportunities, good schools, great parks and high quality new homes right next to the best connections in London bar none. We are committed to delivering that vision.

Cargiant Early CGI showing the potential of Grand Union Canal“Our early plans show how we can deliver around 9,000 new homes for Londoners at Old Oak Park, significant progress towards the Mayor’s vision for 24,000 homes across the regeneration area. This will be a vibrant new community and we want to provide for every part of society – young and old, singles and those with families, students and those in need of affordable housing”.

Tony Mendes, Managing Director of Cargiant said: “Cargiant has been based at the heart of Old Oak Common since 1985, employing over 700 people and indirectly supporting a further 2,000 local jobs, we are an important piece of the west London community. While we are something of accidental developers, we feel a real sense of responsibility to deliver the homes and jobs that London needs.”

Cargiant Early landscape and key routes plan“At Old Oak Park we have a fantastic site with over a kilometre of canal, what will be the best transport connections in London and the best fibre optic network in the UK – here can create something truly special – a new piece of London.”

In June 2013 Mayor of London Boris Johnson set out a 30-year vision to turn Old Oak Common into a thriving new district and in April 2015 established the Old Oak and Park Royal Mayoral Development Corporation which acts as the Local Planning Authority for the area in order to help realise the vision and opportunity of Old Oak and Park Royal.

Sir Edward Lister, Deputy Mayor of London and Chairman of the Old Oak and Park Royal Mayoral Development Corporation, said: “Old Oak Common is truly one of the most exciting parts of London. It is going to be home to a huge railway station that brings together HS2 and Crossrail, which a quarter of a million people will use every day. On top of all this movement, all this connectivity, we are working hard to build the homes, offices, work spaces and community facilities to create a brand new part of the capital.”

The 46 acre Old Oak Park site is right next to the proposed HS2/Crossrail interchange, and is thus central to unlocking the regeneration of the Old Oak Common area. It is, say its owners, one of the first major sites to come forward in the area. Cargiant say the Old Oak Park team has been working closely with the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation and the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham as well as the neighbouring London Boroughs of Ealing and Brent.

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, said: ““I welcome the progress that has been made as the Old Oak Park consultation is launched. It’s important to get momentum going at this vast regeneration programme, to send a strong signal to the wider community that the regeneration of Old Oak and Park Royal is actually happening. Old Oak Park can make a valuable contribution to delivering the Mayor’s vision of 24,000 homes and 55,000 jobs. I look forward to continued progress as interest in the regeneration of Old Oak and Park Royal continues to grow.”

Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, said: “Local people’s views should be at the heart of decisions affecting the future of the community in Old Oak and this is a chance to make themselves heard. There is a fantastic opportunity to build a new neighbourhood fit for the 22nd Century. That means new environmentally positive measures on energy sustainability, new jobs and careers, new affordable homes and real lasting improvements that will benefit London and therefore the UK economy. This new London neighbourhood needs to be green, economically active and benefit local people and I look forward to working with residents to deliver that.”

Cargiant and London & Regional Properties are launching a public consultation on their early plans for Old Oak Park. This will aid the the evolution of the masterplan over the coming months before a further consultation on these more detailed plans after the Summer break.

Lee Polisano, President, PLP/Architecture said: “Our vision is to create a new London neighbourhood, building on its emerging exceptional transport infrastructure celebrating its canal heritage and creating a strong identify based on exemplary place-making.”

Cargiant have released a video.

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