Careys to back Welsh Harp Centre

Careys have stepped forward to help fund retaining the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre.

The centre had been threatened with closure by budget cuts, but Careys – a local construction company based in the borough for the past 40 years – have offered to jointly fund the centre with the council, and to work with LB Brent “to develop its potential”.

The centre is a haven to local wildlife and offers Brent primary and secondary school children environmental education classes in science and geography.

John Carey Jnr, Managing Director of SENECA, the environmental solutions part of Careys group said: “We were looking to engage with local schools and launch an education initiative to inform school children about the importance about sustainability and recycling when we heard that the Welsh Harp was under threat of closure.”

“Many of our staff attended the Welsh Harp and spoke passionately about wonderful excursions to the centre learning about nature and environmental topics, it therefore made perfect sense for Careys to financially support the centre and introduce additional classes which will further inform local children about the importance of recycling and re-using materials which are currently considered as waste.”

Councillor Ann John OBE, Leader of the council said: “I’m delighted that despite budget cuts we’ve found a solution to keep the education centre running.”

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