Capco tweak Earls Court designs

Earls COurt villageCapital & Counties have revised some aspects of the designs for developments at Earls Court as part of the ongoing consultation.

The tweak involves a reduction in height in key areas, specifically around the edges, and a slimming of the tall buildings. This produces a reduction in the quantum of commercial space – from 10.3m sq ft to 10.1m – but leaves the overall number of new homes unchanged at 7,500.

A Capco spokesperson said the changes were a response to the ongoing consultation, and aimed to make the development more “of London”, and to improve the development setting within the current context of the area.

high streetThe changes also include tighter guidelines on building elevation design and materials; additional transport modelling and assessments; detailed plans for the townhouses on RB Kensington & Chelsea land; more education, health, cultureĀ & community facilities; and further detail on the first phase of development around Phibeach Gardens and Eardley Crescent, and the architecture for Exhibition Square.

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