Campaigners win R3 High Court challenge

A coalition of campigners against a third runway at Heathrow have won a High Court chellenge to the Government’s decision.

Lord Justice Carnwath ruled today, and upheld the 2M Group-led campaigners argument that the government’s policy support for a third runway will need to be looked at again.

The decision does not rule out a new runway but calls for a review “of all the relevant policy issues, including the impact of climate change policy”. It means that at the very least the Government would have to re-run the consultation on a third runway.

In his ruling, Lord Justice Carnwath said: “Whether there should be a third runway at Heathrow Airport is a question of national importance and acute political controversy. It is a matter on which the main parties are currently divided and which may well become a significant debating point at the forthcoming general election.”

The Department for Transport vowed to “robustly defend” the third runway plan, while Lord Adonis, the Transport Minister said: “Today’s judgement marks no change whatsoever in the policy on Heathrow”.

See further coverage from the BBC.

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