CABE praises Southall Gasworks plans

Southall gasworks new A CABE review has paised the Make scheme for the National Grid site.

The CABE review panel said the thought the masterplan's overall ambition was praiseworthy. They said: "The masterplan promises to radically improve permeability and connectivity with and between surrounding areas. Overall, we welcome the principles underpinning this masterplan on what is a difficult, but potentially fantastic, site".

They went on to caution that  the design principles set by the plan should "play a critical role in defining a clear hierarchy of built form and spaces and in ensuring the deliverability of the masterplan overall", and that the local authority, and National Grid (the site owner) "will need to be confident that the masterplan will act as a flexible framework which guards against the emergence of a homogeneous urban place that could potentially result from a repetition of the same building typology throughout the site".

Thay were also complimentary about the involvement of LB Hillingdon, and were encouraged by the their assurance that they were engaging with ational Grid and LB Ealing in facilitating connections across the canal. They said "this engagement will be critical to the long term success of the project, ensuring that the site is fully opened up and that it helps to reinforce, rather than compete with, Southall town centre".

They did raise some concerns, for example over the potential for "creating a monotonous urban environment", but overall remained confident the design team could resolve the issues they threw up in their report.

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