CABE praises Chiswick Park green infrastructure

chiswick parkCABE says Chiswick Park shows how designing a high quality landscape with naturally integrated climate adaptation measures such as large trees, surface water and good irrigation ensures comfort for people is maintained as cities get hotter. They say this sort of far sighted action will improve longevity of developments.

Chiswick Parks parkland provides a pleasant place for employees and local people to enjoy and the large trees and water help to regulate the air temperature around the buildings, reducing the urban heat island effect.Meanwhile, say CABE, the Chiswick Park landscape is almost water neutral it draws little water from external sources and most run-off is contained within the site.
The lakes and waterfall at the centre of the development are the most visible elements of the sustainable urban drainage system that reduces site run-off to a level low enough to be handled by existing services. Chiswick Parks buildings incorporate a range of environmentally friendly features which support the sites energy strategy. Around 90 per cent of external building surfaces are shaded, using a combination of aluminium louvres and external blinds activated by light sensors.

These measures replace the need for traditional air conditioning systems. Facades facing south, east and west have additional canopy shading to protect them from direct solar gain. The result has been an important addition to the green infrastructure of a relatively dense part of London, bringing benefits as a wildlife corridor, public amenity space and in providing robustness in the face of climate change.

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