CABE criticises Kew Bridge Road

Kew_bridge_road Design watchdog CABE has criticised the John Thompson Architects designed Kew Bridge Road scheme as "bulky".

The St George scheme, supported by West London Business, but opposed by local community groups including the Kew Society, was described as an "impermeable megablock… at odds with its immediate surroundings".

"We think that the original clarity of the concept diagram, which showed interlinking blocks of different dimensions, has been lost to development that is more representative of one large building. This is out of character with the surrounding buildings that have a more permeable arrangement. The megablock character is exacerbated by the central block that rises to nine storeys which we think is bulky and inelegant", they said, in an announcement published on their website.

While CABE raised no objection to the redevelopment of this site for residential and commercial use, or to its height (although that has been objected to by most community groups), they recommended that the planning consent should not  considered until these concerns are resolved

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