Busting myths about workplace training

A popular workshop at Place West London 2013 explored some of the myths about the quality of workplace training in the UK.

“Myth busting: looking at workplace learning differently!” featured Andrew Ward (Brunel University), Lorraine Collins (Uxbridge College), Martyn Scott (The Clancy Group), Sundeep Sangha (Heathrow), Neil Impiazzi (SEGRO), Grant Taylor-Smith (Robert Bosch Ltd) and Madeleine Field (FDM) as speakers. It was a very informative and lively session.

Most employers would agree that apprenticeships are a fantastic way to begin a career. They are finally being seen as a real choice again, not just an option for those who didn’t get the grades to go to university.

Sundeep Sangha of Heathrow spoke about the new scheme to improve employee’s skills and employability. With the aims of improving the literacy, numeracy, IT and English skills of employees in low and unskilled roles and to improve employability and opportunities for minority workers, this scheme proved hugely successful as staff became more confident in communicating with airport customers directly.

As much as this scheme is beneficial to the employers at Heathrow, the individuals who took part in this now have a wider range of skills and have increased their level of employability outside of the airport.

The myth that UK companies are poor at training their staff is just that, a myth.

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