Business, residents say no to WEZ

C_charge_logo_always_c_tflA poll of businesses by the London Chamber of Commerce has found overwhelming opposition to the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging Zone (WEZ), while LB Hammersmith & Fulham says residents are also opposed to the scheme.

Seventy seven of the 100 firms polled by LCCI say the zone set up by Ken Livingstone in February last year should go, with 76 saying the zone had had a "negative impact" on their trade.

The poll coincided with the closing at the weekend of Mayor Boris Johnson’s consultation into the future of the zone. Only 13 firms polled believed the western extension should be retained while 10 firms called for it to be reformed, possibly with different hours of operation. Colin Stanbridge, chief executive of the LCCI, said: "These findings send a clear message to the Mayor that the zone should be scrapped."

Meanwhile, at a gathering at the Twon Hall in Hammersmith, the Council says in a show of hands, the overwhelming majority of Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) residents wanted to ditch the WEZ and gave the Mayor of London a real indication of how his capital-wide consultation could turn out.

The result tallies with an online poll run by the Council earlier this year where, out of 553 votes cast, 79 per cent voted to remove the charge.

The Mayor of London is expected to make a decision on the future of the WEZ before Christmas.

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