Business backs West London Metro, and Heathrow

The West London Business Transport Group has renewed calls for a new north-south rail link in West London, and for the expansion of Heathrow.

The group feel that traffic congestion on the roads ranks as a major problem for business in the sub-region.  They say the answer lies in greater investment in public transport and in particular into a “north/south transport solution for West London”. This was advanced some years ago as “The West London Metro”, but never made it off the drawing board.

The group also backed hub airport capacity expansion at Heathrow. They say that any new hub development – in the Thames Estuary, or elsewhere – would result in the closure of Heathrow and the damaging of the West London economy.  They think that a third runway presents the best solution for the next generation at least.

Parking remains a key concern, and the group say that, although the current Mayor’s position is more flexible, boroughs are not being particularly adaptable. Parking needs at offices are in fact increasing through modern flexible working methods like smart desking, which, while it makes more efficient use of office space, increases the concentration of staff and therefore the need for parking.

See the notes from the group’s latest meeting.

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