Brunel wins Queen’s Anniversary Prize Award

Prof Susan Jobling with Fisheries Officer Adam Hilliard and Brunel PhD student Liz Nicol 2Brunel Institute for the Environment’s research revealing the link between chemicals in rivers and reproductive health has won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education.

Led by Professor Susan Jobling, the Institute was selected for the Queen’s Anniversary Prize as a leading example of excellence not just in research, but also in the global impact of its work.

By uncovering a link between exposure to water pollution and sex change in male fish, the research team provided the impetus for human health research which linked chemical exposure with various health issues. They showed that a plethora of chemicals in everyday use are inefficiently removed by sewage treatment.

Through their engagement with policy makers, regulators and industries, the researchers have helped to find cost-effective ways of managing the risk posed by these chemicals.

Professor Chris Jenks, Vice-Chancellor of Brunel University said: “Brunel University is delighted to receive this recognition of our globally influential research carried out by the Institute for the Environment. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of research at Brunel University”.

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