Brompton Bicycle launches Wheels for Heroes campaign

The folding bicycle manufacturer based in Greenford is raising funds to provide up to 1000 bikes to support NHS staff to travel for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Brompton have approached St Barts Hospital and NHS London to provide bikes for their front line staff who wished to avoid being crammed onto buses and trains during the Coronavirus crisis. The word rapidly spread and has since gone national seeing registrations from Portsmouth, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester.

Over 500 NHS staff have registered for the free rental of a Brompton Bike, but Brompton are limited by the number of bikes in their hire fleet. They expect demand to increase to the point where a further 1,000 bikes are required.
The ‘Wheels for Heroes’ campaign will see Brompton commit production capacity equating to an investment of up to £100,000 to fund bikes for NHS workers. They are fundraising to try to do more. They also say that beyond the current crisis the bikes will continued to be used by NHS for  a nominal maintenance fee (£1 per hire) and some of them will be donated to hospitals to manage as a fleet or for graduate doctors and nurses. Brompton Bike Hire will not profit off any of these hires or bikes produced.
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