Britain’s “Final Call”

heathrow final callHeathrow Airport has issued a “Final Call” for Britain, to allow it to expand and, it says, deliver economic benefit for the whole of the UK.

The Airport have released a document summarising what they think expanding Heathrow would do for the West London and national economy, and what would happen if it is not allowed to grow.

Heathrow say that, as the UK’s only hub airport, Heathrow is a national asset – one of the best connected airports in the world, Britain’s front door; the gateway for passengers, business and freight, particularly to long-haul destinations.

The Airport says that now, when international competition for jobs and trade has never been more intense, an expanded Heathrow will keep Britain, one of world’s great trading nations, at the centre of the global economy.

After decades of debate, the Airports Commission offers the best and, say Heathrow, the last chance for a resolution to an issue which has confronted the UK for some time, that there is not enough capacity at London’s airports.

heathrow flag graphicHeathrow say the Airports Commission has concluded that Heathrow expansion provides an opportunity to address local environmental issues and that Heathrow is the option that will deliver the greatest economic benefit for the country: up to £211bn and up to 180,000 jobs. Their document makes clear that these benefits will be spread across the UK.

John Holland- Kaye, Heathrow CEO said: “Expanding Heathrow is not only deliverable, it’s vital. It will deliver what the nation needs and what politicians want – an opportunity to win the race for jobs and growth by connecting the entire country to the world’s fastest growing destinations while, as the Airports Commission has confirmed, meeting air quality limits and reducing the number of people affected by noise. It’s the only decision that will create up to 180,000 new jobs and £211bn of economic growth, shared across Britain.

“Heathrow is Britain’s biggest port, carrying high value produce such as Scottish salmon, motor racing technology and pharmaceuticals to destinations in Africa, Asia and South America. We can help make the British economy great again by reaching even more parts of the world that are crying out for those quality exports, places like Mombasa, Quito and Kolkata. Let’s be ambitious about our place in the world, let’s get on with expanding Heathrow.”

The document concludes “It is time to get on with it”. This is a sentiment which will be echoed by business all over the UK.

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