Brent to take 100 apprentices

Brent Council will recruit 100 new apprentices over the next three years, starting with at least 30 new starters in January 2014.

With Brent currently ranked amongst the top 15 per cent most deprived areas of the country, apprenticeships are seen as an ideal way of helping young people gain a foothold in the job market and gain the experience needed to stay in employment. The deprivation in the borough is characterised by high levels of long-term unemployment and low average incomes. Children and young people are particularly affected with one in three children living in low income households and one in five in single-adult households.

Deputy Leader of Brent Council. Councillor Ruth Moher, said: “As a major employer, the Council is leading the way in developing an internal apprenticeship programme for the recruitment, training and employment of in-house apprentices.

“Developing apprenticeships will, over time, contribute to raising skills levels and deliver higher income levels associated with increased skills and qualifications for the young people who get jobs with us.

“The Council has a key leadership role to champion the interests of young people and to improve their employability and economic stability.

“Brent’s apprenticeship programme will offer high quality learning and development to a wide cross section of local people, enabling the Council and the borough to benefit from a more skilled, motivated and flexible workforce.”

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