Brent to become Wembley?

Brent_logoIn a move that would take LB Brent from second top to second bottom in the alphabetical list of London Boroughs, the Council are said to be considering changing the name to take advantage of Brand Wembley.

According to the Harrow Observer, Brent officials have been discussing the possibility of making the switch to capitalise on the world-famous Wembley name.

The move has caused predictable uproar, some say it would cost "millions of pounds" to change street signs, council buildings and council owned vehicles, while mssing the benefits of being more closely associated with the Wembley name.

According to The Observer Councillor Ann John (Labour) said: "The borough is called Brent because the river Brent was the dividing line between the former boroughs of Wembley and Willesden and people have grown used to that name." The paper is running a poll on the subject.

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