Brent targets abandoned homes

Brent Council is working with a local campaign group to bring empty, neglected housing back in to use. 

The aim of the partnership is identify empty & neglected properties, and to bring these properties back into use to address the housing shortage in the borough. There are 25,000 people on the housing register in Brent and several hundred houses that could be returned to use, says the council.

Campaign group, “Abandoned In Brent”, identified and handed over the details of more than 40 empty homes to the council on Tuesday 3 May 2011. The group says there are over 700,000 empty homes in the UK and over 75,000 in London alone.

The council’s Empty Property Team will now take appropriate action in order to bring these properties back into use. Over the past ten years over 1000 properties have been brought back into use by the team, who can offer advice and assistance to help landlords as well as distribute empty property grants.

For more problematic long term empty homes, the council can place a Compulsory Purchase Order on a property if it is apparent that the owner has no intention of bringing it back into use. 

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