Brent shows Barham Park vision

Brent Council has announced plans for a regeneration of Barham Park with new investment and the historic park buildings let to a visual arts organisation.

The Barham Park Trust Committee recently agreed to implement improvements to the open space in Sudbury.

The Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Arts (ACAVA) has been selected as the preferred bidder to let most of the space in the buildings. ACAVA works with professional artists as well as promoting exhibitions, and public art.

ACAVA will take up most of the ground-floor space in the buildings next to Harrow Road as part of the proposals. Brent Council will be offered a lease for the remainder of the buildings for use as a children’s centre, and the council will be looking at arrangements for use of some of the building by Barham Park Veterans’ Club.

The committee also agreed plans for the Trust’s 20-year vision for Barham Park, which will see investment of £393,000 over the next two years. To realise the remainder of the vision and deliver the associated works other sources of funding will be sought. Initial landscaping improvements will include improved pathways, introduction of meadows, the creation of pond and wetland area, more seating, signage and tree planting. The park’s historic walled and formal gardens will remain and parts of the garden walls will also be restored.

Councillor Ruth Moher, chair of the Barham Park Trust Committee, said: “I’m delighted that it’s been proposed to offer a leading arts organisation a lease on part of the buildings.”

The land and historic buildings in Barham Park were given by Titus Barham after his death on trust to Wembley District Council in 1938. Titus had served on Wembley District Council for three years, and was the son of Victorian milk and dairy magnate Sir George Barham.

The proposals will now need to be agreed by the Charity Commission.

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