Brent set for Council Tax freeze

Brent Council is set to approve a sixth successive council tax freeze, with the proposed two-year budget to go before a full council vote.

The council says this would mean the average bill will be 15 per cent lower in real terms compared to 2010.

Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council, said “Many people we spoke to are still feeling the effects of stagnant wages and high costs so I hope that a sixth council tax freeze in a row will go some way in alleviating these pressures. Just 18% of the local people who responded to our survey wanted to pay more council tax.”

“Not everybody will be happy with the decisions we need to take given the dire budget situation but by working together and pulling in the same direction I wholeheartedly believe our wonderful, diverse borough can still look forward to an even brighter, more prosperous future.”

Savings that are recommended to be taken in the budget include: reducing the size of the senior management team to save £1.4m a year; increasing visitor parking charges; and sharing some services such as registrars and regulatory services.

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