Brent open consultation on new Civic Centre

brent new civic centreLB Brent is inviting responses on the planning application for Brent’s new Civic Centre submitted by Hopkins Architects and Scott Wilson. 

This application covers the development of a part eight-storey and part ten-storey Civic Centre building, comprising offices for up to 2,000 Brent Council staff and Brent’s councillors, community and performance space, including a new library, Registrars Office, Community Hall and Council Chamber, a café, a wedding garden and a winter garden area.   

Stephen Weeks from Brent Council’s planning department says: “We will carefully consider this planning application and welcome the views of the local community and all our stakeholders.  Brent’s new Civic Centre will form an important part of the continued regeneration of Wembley and will add value to that regeneration whilst helping to boost the local economy.  Bringing 2,000 staff and up to 1 million Civic Centre visitors into the area per year, in addition to up to 5.6 million visitors attracted by the regeneration of Wembley, will inevitably improve the whole offer to Brent’s residents.”

The proposal is to create a community centrepiece in the heart of a modern development and the council is determined to build the UK’s greenest public building. The latest renewable technologies will be used to reduce both the costs of running the building and its carbon emissions. Some examples of the measures will include water conservation, reducing and recycling waste and using environmentally friendly materials throughout.

For the first time, all Brent Council services will be delivered from one building, and LB Brent hope the building will become a new community centrepiece.

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