Brent MDC concerns

The Mayor of London’s plan to install a Mayoral Development Corporation to oversee the regeneration of Old Oak and Park Royal is the subject of concern from Brent Council.

A report to Cabinet endorses the concept of the MDC, saying that to support delivery on the scale envisioned “there is no doubt a delivery body with a strong regeneration focus is required”. It acknowledges that there is a real risk that the opportunity the Crossrail/HS2 interchange presents for Brent will be missed without such a body.

It also backs the concept of a single planning board for the whole area, but insists that the Leader of Brent Council should be a member of that board, and that the MDC Board should include a representative from both the local residential and business communities.

Other concerns include seeking reassurance that the MDC would not compromise Brent’s vision for Alperton, which includes allowing some of the Northfields Estate to go to residential use. The present MDC documents have Northfiled inside the MDC area, and potentially therefore protected as industrial. Brent want this boundary redrawn.

However, they want another boundary redrawn to put the Unisys site at Stonebridge Park, and Station House (Wembley Point) inside the MDC area to support the comprehensive regeneration of these sites.

There is also concern over the proposed transitional CIL provisions whereby boroughs would not collect their own CIL levy until the MDC CIL is introduced. Since they say Brent is the only Borough to have an adopted CIL regime it would have an unacceptable negative effect on them.

Brent also want to push for substantial and early investment in Willesden Junction station.


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