Brent launches competition for New Civic Centre

Brent_logo Brent’s new Civic Centre, in Quintain’s Wembley City regeneration area, needs a design team.

LB Brent has published a notice in the Official Journal, announcing it is looking for a design team to provide architectural design, building services engineering, structural engineering, transport engineering, landscape architecture, acoustic engineering, fire engineering,  and design and all other related services up to R.I.B.A. Stage E (completion of design and specification with sufficient detail for coordination of all components and elements of the project).

Brent say the civic centre project is "central to the desire and vision of LBB to establish Wembley as a community focus for Brent".

"The civic centre will be the embodiment of the council’s strategic intent for the future of public service provision throughout the borough, allowing creative working with its partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors. It will put the operation of local democracy in a quality setting and accessible to the public".

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