Brent is “new Southwark”

Conditions for development in Brent are among the best available for the right developers, according to a report.

An Estates Gazette columnist (BURA Chair Jackie Sadek) says that “the stability of this London borough coupled with its glorious asset base and its serious intent to develop and regenerate, make it fertile territory indeed”. She refers to South Kilburn where she is heavily involved, to the Barham Park Estateregeneration, and the imminent demolition of Marshall House¬†as evidence. Today’s news that SKNT’s plans in Carlton Vale have been approved add to the assertion.

Brent Council themselves are pushing forward on a number of fronts, working in close partnership with developers – Notting Hill and Countryside on Barham Park for example – and releasing their “Vision for Alperton” which aims to create a “new centre of 21st century suburban living”.

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