Brent Housing Review

A report seeking approval to review current arrangements for housing management in Brent is to be discussed by the Brent Council’s Cabinet.The views of Brent Housing Partnership (BHP) tenants and leaseholders will be heard as part of a review into the future of housing management in Brent if the report is agreed.

The review would conclude at the end of September before recommendations are made to Cabinet later in the year on the best way to provide and manage housing in Brent over the coming years.

Brent Council says it is working closely with BHP to improve performance in a number of areas. A transformation plan has been agreed. If Cabinet agree the report, BHP will formally be given three months to improve its performance to the required standard while the review takes place.

Cllr Harbi Farah, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “My number one concern is to look out for the interests of Brent tenants and leaseholders.

“It is good to see some improvements from BHP following concern raised by the council earlier in the year, but we also recognise that there is still a considerable amount of work to be done before the service is at the level it should be.”

As well as the BHP performance issues, the review is set to take place in the context of major housing challenges including the impact of the government’s housing reforms, cuts to welfare benefits and demand for housing in the borough continuing to outstrip supply.

Rowann Limond, BHP Interim Managing Director, said: “Over the past six months we have put in place measures to transform the services BHP deliver. We have listened to our residents and we are making improvements to drive up satisfaction.

“We know we need to continue to improve and we’re committed to working on the areas where we can do better. We are determined to continue to turn our performance around and over the next few months we want residents to see the difference.”

The options that are expected to be available to Cabinet later this year will be to remain with the current arms-length management organisation (ALMO) BHP, to bring housing management back under direct council control, or to set up a partnership with another housing provider to deliver the service.

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