Brent Core Strategy to be adopted

Brent Council’s definitive planning document to guide future borough development was approved last month by the independent inspector appointed by the Government.

The London Borough of Brent Core Strategy Development Plan covers key planning issues arising from housing, shopping, employment, climate change, the creation of public spaces, strategic areas such as Wembley growth area, Park Royal and Alperton, and bringing the plan to life and monitoring its effects.

The inspector, Mr. Michael J. Hetherington’sĀ report, which is binding on the council, says that the council’s core strategy is sound and legally compliant, subject to some relatively limited changes. He heard submissions from the public and other interested parties in January.

He said that the overall scale of housing development was realistic, achievable and in line with the London Plan and the Core Strategy was effective in meeting local housing needs, including affordable housing; and that the Council’s approach to shopping development was evidence based and consistent with both the London Plan and national policy for shopping development; and the approach to employment development was clearly expressed and sufficiently justified.

The inspector called for more clarity in descriptions of how development would be achieved in theĀ  seven strategic areas identified by the council – five growth areas (Wembley, Alperton, South Kilburn, Church End, and Burnt Oak and Colindale) and two areas identified for regeneration and environmental improvement (Park Royal and the North Circular Road Regeneration Area) – but otherwise endorsed the strategy.

He also gave the green light to the council’s strategic proposals for tackling climate change and the way it intended to monitor progress against its targets.

Brent Council will now formally adopt the strategy.

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