Brent begins £2m roads work

Earlier this year, Brent Council agreed an additional £2million, on top of the existing £3.55million annual budget, to improve the maintenance and upkeep of roads and pavements around the borough.

The agreed work is now underway with the borough’s pavements starting to see older slabs being replaced with asphalt whilst dropped crossings and street corners will be surfaced using concrete block paving. The council say this will help to make pavements more resilient and durable, and create a better look and feel.

The £2million cash boost will allow the council to extend the life of roads and pavements and reduce the need for multiple return visits. This will mean that more can be done to reduce trip hazards and potentially damaging potholes, and to keep the streets of Brent safe for all to use.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council said: “The state of the roads around the country is a really hot topic and, although we do perform well on a London-wide level, residents have told us that they want to see the council doing more, we have listened and these improvements are only the start.

“The use of asphalt will also help to make limited resources stretch further, meaning more pavements can be repaired, making the borough a safer, more accessible place to live furthermore it will go a long way to mitigate traffic noise and vibrations caused by uneven surfacing and repeat maintenance works.”

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