Brent back Park Royal MDC

Brent Council is ready to back Boris’ Mayoral Development Corporation (MDC) for Old Oak and Park Royal, subject to securing a Crossrail link at Wembley Central.

At its Cabinet meeting of 15 September, the Council agreed to accept the formation of an MDC in principle, subject to a series of requests.

In addition to help lobby for a Crossrail link at Wembley Central, Brent Council wants the proposed MDC to make “a commitment to meaningful engagement with local people and businesses, ensure that a full range of genuinely affordable housing is provided and promise that new housing will not be marketed overseas”.

Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council said: “The proposals for Old Oak and Park Royal present huge opportunities for growth and will bring thousands of new jobs and homes to an area that has faced economic challenges.

“The creation of Britain’s first high speed rail hub right on our doorstep with new super fast connections to key destinations would be of significant value to residents and businesses in Brent.

“To make the economic and social benefits a reality, we do consider that the formation of a delivery body would be appropriate, but regeneration must be delivered in the right way.

“For us, meaningful and transparent community engagement will be key to the successful regeneration of Old Oak and Park Royal and we would expect a commitment to this from any new MDC.”

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