Brent and Camden to co-ordinate in Kilburn

LBs Brent and Camden have agreed to co-ordinate planning strategy, street design, and funding allocation across the Kilburn High Road.

Cllr Paul Lorber, leader of Brent Council, and Cllr Keith Moffitt, leader of Camden Council, agreed to launch a joint Kilburn strategy in response to criticisms the area has been neglected because it falls between the two boroughs.

Both councils agreed to follow a single planning document, which sets out the planning agenda for the area and a more strategic ‘place plan’ which will cover a range of services, including building new schools, supporting businesses, and co-ordinating funding for community projects.

Councillors say they hope that by working together they will create a common Kilburn identity, as well as provide better support for businesses and residents, and improve the physical layout of the road.

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