Brazil to Brent

A new exhibition called Brazil to Brent is to open in the Exhibition Space on the second floor at The Library at Willesden Green, examining what it means to be Brazilian in Brent, bringing out themes of community and inclusion which may resonate for many.

Julia Evangelista, is an artist working with Brent Museum and Archives to develop the exhibition:

“Well, the whole point of this project was to give Brazilians a chance to celebrate themselves, and to say in their own words what it means to be Brazilian,” She explains. “One of the most important things that the people we talked to stressed was the diversity of Brazil, many emphasised that there are numerous sub-cultures, and much more to the country than just samba and carnival.

“A theme that came up again and again was the importance of community. In Brazil, people spend a lot of time together. It’s a very inclusive society, from the many games and sports that we play, that involve the young and the old, to the music, and the food we eat, we do things with other people and build ties this way. Relationships are very important.”

“Likewise, in Brent, Brazilians have kept this social aspect of their culture.  For instance, in Brazil many shops, not just cafes, will have tables and chairs for customers to sit and chat. Well, if you go to Brazilian shops in Brent you’ll see the same thing at hairdressers and butchers!  We like everyone to mingle.”

Many Brazilians have adopted Brent as their home, it’s even called “Little Brazil”, by some. People travel especially to Willesden to buy the Brazilian meat and delicacies that they can’t find elsewhere in London. And the Brazilian community has integrated well into Brent.

Brazil to Brent is being developed by Brent’s Heritage team, in collaboration with Battersea Arts Centre and Brazilian artist, Julia Evangelista, from Seethrough Theatre

The exhibition and workshops run from 1 July to 18 September 2016.

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