Bray, LibDems confirm anti-Heathrow position

Both Ealing MP Angie Bray and the LibDems (at their party conference) have confirmed their opposition to expansion at Heathrow.

The LibDems cite mainly environmental reasons for their opposition, passing a call for a new UK strategy for aviation which “balances the benefits the industry brings as a driver of jobs and growth with the harm it causes to the environment”.

Their thinking suggests growth can be achieved with better use of existing capacity in the South East and at regional airports to meet short to medium-term demand. It also firmly rejects Mayot of London Boris Johnson’s estuary airport plan.

Liberal Democrat transport minister, Norman Baker told the conference: “The LibDems have sent a very clear message – we are pro economic growth, but we cannot, and will not walk away from our commitments to the environment.

“We said in our manifesto that we are against the third runway. We said it again in the coalition agreement, and I said it again to conference today. There will be no third runway on our watch.”

Meanwhile Angie Bray told the Ealing Gazette that “expanding Heathrow is not the elusive silver bullet that will deliver the growth we need”.

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