Botwell Canal Bridge work

Botwell Canal bridge in Hayes has been revitalised after a thorough clean up by Hillingdon Council as part of its £6m regeneration for Hayes town centre.

The bridge has been given a thorough spring clean as part of the regeneration, which is due to be completed in Spring 2017. The council are currently prioritising a number of ways to revitalise Hayes to make it more attractive for residents, businesses and visitors.

The town centre improvements are on-track as planned and there will be new features added to spruce up the centre. The highlights include better paving and street lighting, more benches and new cycle paths. The council is working with architects, ‘The Decorators’ to replace the old bandstand with a new one that has “a contemporary twist”.

Cabinet Member for Community, Commerce and Regeneration, Cllr Douglas Mills said: “This sends a clear message to new and existing residents, developers and businesses moving into the town centre that Hayes is changing for the better. Botwell Canal Bridge was in need of a thorough jet wash and the great results now speak for themselves.

“Back in February, the council cleaned and repainted the underpass which connects Blythe road to the station and there was also new signage and lighting improvements to make community safety better. We are helping to create a pleasant environment that local residents and businesses in the vicinity can be proud of.”

The council hopes the ongoing improvements will change the look and feel of Hayes town centre in the long term, encouraging more businesses to relocate there and providing a modern town centre for everyone to enjoy.

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