Boris *will* take planning decisions himself

Boris The London Mayor has said he will take the lead on planning, in a U-turn on a previous announcement suggesting his powers in this area would be delegated to Deputy Mayor Ian Clement.

The change was announed on the same day that Simon Milton was nominated to become Deputy Mayor with responsibility for planning. It seems likley he will supplant Ian Clement in the chain of command.

Johnson said that Milton will take the planning decisions if the Mayor is “unavailable or conflicted”.

Nicky Gavron, former Deputy Mayor, welcomed the news, saying: “As Mayor of London he must take the lead on offering clear guidance on development in the capital and making difficult decisions where there is a conflict between strategic London-wide requirements and local demands.”

Sir Simon Milton would step down from both his role as a Councillor for LB Westminster, and as head of the Local Government Association if (or perhaps when) his role as Deputy Mayor is confirmed by a hearing.

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