Boris’ transport cash in detail

The Mayor of London has announced a transport funding package across the capital, the detail of the projects funded has now been released.


The £3.9m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects including:

  • £500,000 towards the first phase of works on Harlesden Town Centre, which will transform the area by reducing congestion and improve the urban realm. The scheme is currently being designed in partnership with the resident-led Harlesden Town Team
  • £275,000 towards a programme of works near to local schools to improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists and safety
  • £310,000 for road safety improvements at various locations including: High Road, Willesden – Brenthurst Road – Cobbold Road, Dudden Hill Lane – Burnley Road – Chapter Road  Preston Road – Elmstead Avenue, to bring about a reduction in casualties
  • £100,000 towards measures on Chamberlayne Road (Kensal Rise) to improve road safety, increase accessibility and make better provision for cyclists


The £4.7m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Ealing, including:

  • £650,000 towards the first phase of a £4.5m project to improve Ealing Broadway station. The scheme will improve the public realm and provide better interchange for pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers in advance of Crossrail
  • £292,000 over two years to meet the huge demand for cycle stands at Ealing Broadway station. The borough will deliver the cycle hubs in the town centre as part of their strategy to significantly increase cycling in the borough
  • £250,000 to deliver improvements for all road users on the Uxbridge Road (Hanwell and Ealing Broadway section), including facilities for walking, cycling, road safety, buses and smoothing traffic flow
  • £250,000 to deliver the School Travel Plan Programme with a series of promotional events and materials to make travelling to school safer and more efficient

Hammersmith & Fulham

The £2.7m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Hammersmith & Fulham, including:

  • £180,000 to develop the Shepherds Bush Town Centre (west) Major Scheme which will improve the streetscape, reduce collisions, provide cyclist and pedestrian facilities and better connections to Goldhawk Road and Shepherds Bush Market
  • £575,000 to continue the project on Fulham Palace Road to smooth traffic through this busy congested route, improve road safety and increase accessibility for all road users
  • £160,000 to introduce a range of activities targeted at children to improve road safety skills and active travel; school travel plans and grants for associated facilities
  • £55,000 for cycle training for adults and children to facilitate cycling skills and build confidence to become regular and safe cyclists. The programme will be jointly operated by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham


The £2.4m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Harrow, including:

  • £100,000 to implement a range of measures along key routes to facilitate efficient freight vehicle movement and reduce disruption to residents by inappropriate use of roads by large vehicles
  • £100,000 for a package of measures to reduce motorcycle collisions. Sites identified include: Bridge Street, Elm Park, Chapel Lane and Imperial Drive between North Harrow and Farm Avenue
  • £140,000 to introduce traffic calming 20mph zones around Roxbourne, Elmgrove and Weald Schools


The £4.6m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects including:

  • £966,000 for the Yiewsley and West Drayton Town Centre Major Scheme, which will improve the shopping environment and the urban realm, reduce traffic congestion and improve bus flow and open up pedestrian and cycle routes
  • £410,000 for road safety measures close to several primary schools across the borough
  • £133,000 to provide pedestrian improvements along the whole of the towpath of the Grand Union Canal. This will support local initiatives to maintain a positive environment on the towpath while encouraging walking and cycling. The scheme will also develop new links between Bucks University and Uxbridge Town Centre
  • £60,000 to introduce Legible London way finding signs in West Drayton, Ruislip Manor, Northwood Hills, Hayes and other town centres


The £3.3m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Hounslow, including:

  • £220,000 to deliver road safety campaigns including working with young motorcyclists who have been identified locally as a high-risk group. There will also be clinics looking at in-car safety for children as 90 per cent of seats checked were found to be incorrectly fitted. Further projects include cycling training for adults and children, plus road safety awareness campaigns for children and adults in association with Hounslow Road Safety Forum
  • £200,000 to identify and design new bus, cycle and pedestrian facilities and road safety improvements that will be put in place when the council’s pioneering Private Finance Initiative commences in 2013 and starts to upgrade many of the borough’s road and footways
  • £100,000 to improve traffic signals to help smooth traffic flows, and reduce emissions, by minimising repeated stopping and starting at red lights on key routes
  • £40,000 to support the ‘Greening the Fleet’ programme to reduce emissions from the council’s own vehicles. This includes introducing electric vehicles, additional pool bicycles and eco-driving training for employees
  • £20,000 to work with social housing providers to improve cycling facilities on estates, and tackle the barriers to cycling take-up for social housing tenants


The £4.7m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Wandsworth, including:

  • £1.4m towards an on-going scheme to improve Clapham Junction town centre and tackle traffic congestion. Works include improving the road layout, renewing pavements and road surfaces, decluttering footways, planting new trees and upgrading lighting, wayfinding and street furniture £280,000 for public realm improvements and to create new pedestrian areas
  • £210,000 to promote cycling through improved cycle parking, cycle training courses, completing cycle route links  and a programme of promotional events
  • £350,000 to improve the look and feel of streets around local shops and provide better pedestrian access to shopping parades.
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