Boris’ transport cash in detail

The Mayor of London has announced a transport funding package across the capital, the detail of the projects funded has now been released.


The £4.7m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects including:

  • £485,000 to deliver activities and projects in and near schools to reduce school run traffic and parking.  It will also support schools in developing and implementing their school travel plans
  • £104,000 to deliver Road Safety Education initiatives including cycle training, pedestrian training and road safety theatre in education


The £4.2m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Enfield, including:

  • £200,000 to design and implement improvement works at Ponders End, particularly focusing on the urban realm and facilitating pedestrian and cyclist crossing the A10. The proposal includes greater accessibility to nearby rail stations and improvements to road safety
  • £100,000 for an ongoing programme to deliver bus stop improvements borough-wide
  • £100,000 for the provision of a nationally accredited cycle training course for both adults and children
  • £220,000 for the Brimsdown Greenway to make walking and cycling provision that connects local parks and green areas including the Enfield Playing Fields


The £2.6m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Hackney, including:

  • £250,000 to improve safety and visibility of the junctions at the Hackney Road and Cremer Road to the A10
  • £250,000 to improve Mare Street, from St Thomas’s Square to Victoria Park Road
  • £250,000 for Leonard Circus and Paul Street. The money will be used to redesign the existing junction to provide better access to all road users and pedestrians, to improve the area for residents and businesses


The £3.7m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Haringey, including:

  • £1m for the Wood Green Major Scheme, which will make urban realm improvements to the town centre, focusing on pedestrian and cycling accessibility, tackling traffic congestion, road safety, bus service reliability and parking and loading issues
  • £586,000 for improvements to Green Lanes, focusing on the urban realm, public transport and traffic management. The proposals will also include St Ann’s neighbourhood and address road safety concerns, as well as cycling and pedestrian access with the aim of supporting the town centre and encouraging sustainable travel
  • £147,000 for a Biking Borough Cycle Hub, to continue a three year programme of measures to encourage cycling, focused around Wood Green/Turnpike Lane, including a major cycle hub in Wood Green town centre. This project will compliment the major scheme in the area
  • £578,000 for a Smarter Travel Programme to encourage greater levels of active travel for entertainment, shopping and leisure trips. This will promote cycling, particularly in the south west of the borough and will also aim to reduce road danger to pedestrians targeted at 11 and 12-year-olds and their parents in the east of the borough.


The £5.1m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Redbridge, including:

  • £221,000 to improve pedestrian routes to the station and town centre in Chadwell Heath, to encourage more people to walk to these locations
  • £50,000 for the Ilford Eastern Gateway Regeneration. This will enable works to revamp the town centre’s eastern approach, with changes to the High Road gyratory to improve pedestrian and cycle access
  • £100,000 to improve walking and cycling routes and increase bus stop accessibility

Waltham Forest

The £4.4m funding package in 2012/13 will finance a range of transport projects in Waltham Forest, including:

  • £1,421,000 over two years for Leytonstone Town Centre and Station Area. This Major Scheme will make improvements to the public realm, with emphasis of improving the locations with high pedestrian numbers. The scheme has started on site and will remove street clutter and widened footways, improving crossing facilities, incorporating more cycle stands and better lighting, safety and security
  • £500,000 to complete the £2m transformation of High Road, Leytonstone from the Thatched House junction to Leytonstone town centre. Implementation has started and will provide public realm improvements, upgrading of pedestrian and cycling facilities, street lighting and connections to nearby destinations
  • £230,000 to deliver road safety, pedestrian and cycling and environmental improvements in the area around Whipps Cross Road
  • £450,000 to develop a package of measures to address road safety concerns and reduce the number of collisions in the Hoe Street area
  • £690,000 for further public realm improvements to Wood Street, including better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, Legible London signage, decluttering the area and tree planting.
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