Boris says yes to Dickens

Boris Johnson has said he’ll let Ealing’s planning decision stand on Dickens Yard.

In a report to Ealing Planning Services, Boris Johnson says he is “content to allow Ealing Council to determine the case itself, subject to any action that the Secretary of State may take”.

He also says: “The scale and intensity of the development had raised concern over its impact on local conservation areas, listed buildings and their setting – these have been addressed. Mix and level of affordable housing, energy provision, access and transport implications have also been addressed. In its present form, the development has the potential to facilitate regeneration of Ealing Town Centre by enhancing the retail offer, generating new employment and introducing a significant amount of residential accommodation in a location with excellent public transport access.”

A council spokeswoman told the Ealing Gazette: “We received the welcome news that the mayor has given the thumbs up to the Dickens Yard redevelopment, echoing earlier approval of the Ealing Planning Committee.This is a positive sign for the future bringing real investment in Ealing to broaden our retail choice and provide much needed additional homes. Our officers are working on the final details with the developer whilst the site is being prepared for construction to start early in the New Year.”

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