Boris says green issues still matter

Boris Johnson has made his first major speech onthe environment since his election, at the Environment Agency's conference.

In it he outlined his plans to cut London's carbon emissions by 60% by 2025, and to help London tke economic advantage from its own waste.

He pledged to:

  • work with London's boroughs to ensure all Londoners have access to minimum hassle, zero upfront cost energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption in their homes – delivering, he said, on average £300 a year savings on energy bills

  • deliver 25 per cent of London’s energy locally, for exmple through Combined Heat and Power plants, by 2025

  • bring in a major expansion of the existing Building Energy Efficiency Programme to all public sector buildings

  • create ten new Low Carbon Zones in London

  • work with the Boroughs to extract value from waste, by converting it into energy

So for Boris at least, green is still the new black.

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