Boris publishes plans – Crossrail 2 still included

Boris Johnson has published his London Plan, which includes changes to affordable housing targets, enshrines Crossrail as essential to London’s continued development, and includes reference to Crossrail2 – the Chelsea to Hackney line – albeit “after 2020”.

The Mayor of London has outlined his vision and strategy to make London the best big city on earth, as he published three interlinked strategy documents that are now open to public consultation.

The London Plan is the overall strategic development plan for the capital, and sets out an integrated economic, social, environmental and transport policy framework for London over the years to 2031.
The draft Mayors Transport Strategy sets out the Mayors vision for transport in London over the next 20 years, and describes how Transport for London and its partners, including the London boroughs, will deliver that vision.
The Economic Development Strategy sets out the Mayors ambitions for the economic development of the capital, providing an analysis of the economy and proposals for building Londons economic future.
Together, the strategies set out how the Mayor intends to “meet the needs of a growing population, with policy on affordable housing, quality homes, and promoting diverse, strong and secure communities”. They also contain policies on identifying the best locations for development and regeneration, sustaining town centres.
The London Plan outlines a new approach to housing with more emphasis being given to quality and space, and with percentage targets for affordable housing scrapped in favour of numerical targets being agreed with every borough.
There will be greater support for protecting small shops and promoting small businesses, and new targets and tighter regulations to reduce CO2 emissions from new developments in order to tackle climate change.  And under the plan there will be more protection, promotion and enhancement of London’s green and open spaces and waterways, and more land provided for growing food.
The Mayors Transport Strategy details a number of improvements planned for the transport system, including upgrades to the Tube, London Overground and the overland Rail network. Crossrail will be central to boosting capacity, with easterly and westerly extensions planned in the long-term. Crossrail Two, also known as the Chelsea to Hackney Line, is also planned for the period after 2020.
The Economic Development Strategy outlines how the Mayor will strengthen Londons economic productivity and competitiveness by fostering innovation, supporting business and removing barriers to their effectiveness.

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