Boris gives cash for transport improvements

The Mayor of London has confirmed multi-million grants for West London Boroughs for transport improvements.

Out of a London wide total of £155m, Brent get £4.2m, Hammersmith & Fulham £3.8m, Hillingdon get £4.2m, Hounslow £3.8m, and Ealing £5.4m to spend on local transport improvements during 2010/11.

LB Brent projects that will benefit from the funding include:
– improvements to the Willesden Green town centre corridor with measures to simplify the streetscape and upgrade crossings as well as smooth traffic flow
– improvements to the Harrow Road corridor
– a number of improvements to Forty Lane, Bridge Road and Empire Way, which experiences high levels of congestion.  Improvements will smooth traffic flow and improve the public realm
– a school buses escort programme where school staff patrol buses, bus stops and interchange areas for 90 minutes after the school day to reduce antisocial behaviour among schoolchildren

LB Hammersmith & Fulham projects include:
– improvements to Goldhawk Road including the completion of works to upgrade Coningham Road crossing including footway widening to smooth traffic flow and improve accessibility
– riverwalk improvement with four schemes to enhance streetscape and support wider regeneration work including new paving and signage at the Putney Bridge riverwalk 

LB Hillingdon projects include:
– pedestrian crossings on key school travel routes including routes to Hillingdon, Pinkwell, Frithwood & Oak Farm Primary Schools
– improvements to footpaths and pedestrian crossing on the edge of Uxbridge Town Centre
– repairs to infrared low bridge detectors at South Ruislip Station Bridge to encourage freight vehicles to use main corridors and avoid residential roads

LB Hounslow projects include:
– improvements along the Twickenham Road aimed at smoothing traffic flows, improving conditions for cyclists, buses and pedestrians as well as design work for major improvements at Busch Corner
– the provision of a Toucan crossing on north side of Whitton Road Rail Bridge

LB Harrow projects include:
– aiming to encourage greener transport, including the installation of electric vehicle charging points
– the implementation of the Harrow town centre works started in 2009/10. The borough’s proposals incorporate measures for two-way bus operation in Station Road as well as public realm improvements with improved crossings, better lighting, paving and measures to improve safety and security

LB Ealing projects include:
– improving road safety along the arterial Uxbridge Road in Acton
– reduce traffic and get motorists moving from the North and South of the borough
– continued improvement in Greenford Town Centre.

London’s Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy said: “(The Boroughs have) identified a range of small and large scale projects that will make a real difference to local people by improving town centres and public spaces, reducing the number of collisions on our roads, improving the environment and promoting greener forms of travel. They also have the flexibility to move certain funding between projects if, during the course of the year, they find more or less funding is needed for individual schemes.”


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