Boris follows West London lead on waste-into-energy

Boris new The Mayor has announed a Foodwaste to Fuel Alliance to get movement on the concept of turning London’s food waste into a cheap and environmentally friendly energy source.

This follows the lead given by Park Royal Partnership, Ealing Council and the West London Waste Authority, who already have arrangements or pilot schemes for taking the organic food waste generated by homes and businesses and turning it into energy.

The Mayor’s new scheme, supported among others by BAA and Sainsburys, could see the establishment of a number of waste-into-energy facilities within London, one of which could be on Park Royal if the Partnership can use the Mayor’s alliance to get their plan moving. Another could be on the Southall Gasworks site, where National Grid already plan a biofuel reactor. Both sites would help WLWA, as it would mean they would have a local option for selling their food waste, which is presently shipped to Northampton.

London produces 3m tonnes of food waste a year, most of which is incinerated or landfilled, both at the cost of generating greenhouse gases without generating any energy benefit. The Alliance will bring together developers, food producers, energy companies with the goal of establishing five exemplar new ‘bio-fuel’ plants in the capital by 2012. It has access to £31m of funding to help it achieve the goal.

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