Boris announces consultation on Western C-Charge

C_charge_logo_always_c_tfl The Mayor has fulfilled a manifesto pledge by announcing a five week consultation in September.

In a move that will please local politicians on Boroughs borering the Zone, the Mayor said: "I am proud to keep the pledge made during my election campaign to hold a further consultation."

“The western extension is a massive issue for those that live and work in the west of our city and the consultation is likely to elicit strong views. This is not a referendum, so it won’t be limited to a ‘do you or don’t you want to keep it?’

“Yes, there will be the option to scrap it, but there will also be other options including keeping it and changing certain aspects of it, like whether it should operate all day. But this will be an opportunity for everyone with experience of the extension to tell me whether they want to see it removed, improved or if they are simply unmoved.”

The Congestion Charge was introduced on 17 February 2003 and extended westwards to cover most of the boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster on 19 February 2007.

The initial consultation will help inform a statutory process that would be necessary if the Western Extension was to be removed or significantly altered. The statutory process would involve consultation on an amendment to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and on a variation to the Congestion Charging Scheme Order. Transport for London would then produce a report for the Mayor to inform his final decision on the future of the scheme.

C-Charge image is copyright Transport for London.

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