Blueprint for Brentford gets go-ahead

Baap A blueprint for Brentford, outlining the vision for the area has been adopted by the Council.

Councillors approved the Brentford Area Action Plan (BAAP) at a meeting of the Borough Council last month. The BAAP will have a major influence on new development, and took more than four years to develop involving hundreds of people in the consultation process.

Hounslow’s lead member for environment and planning, Cllr Barbara Reid, said: “The Brentford Area Action Plan shows how we want to see this part of the borough revitalised, and sets out our vision for the future of Brentford, over the next ten years. The plan shows ideas for the continued rejuvenation of the Brentford area specifically the town centre, the Great West Road, Brentford’s river and canal network, as well as proposals for development sites."

“It also has policies on key local issues including, urban design, sustainable transport and the provision of large-scale arts, cultural, entertainment and leisure facilities.”

The Council expects developers to use the BAAP to guide plan submissions for the Brentford area.

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