Blears considers Bloemfontein inquiry

Rogers white city 1 Minister Hazel Blears is considering holding an inquiry into the Richard Rogers designed health centre scheme on Bloemfontein Road.

She feels there is not enough social rented housing in the scheme. LB Hammersmith & Fulham feels that with 39% affordable, it’s doing enough in an area where 46% of housing is socially rented – way above the London average.

The £30m scheme, for Building Better Health and Hammersmith PCT, is based around a Collaborative Care Centre, and would provide a one-stop-shop for health and social care in the area. It will also provide 179 new housing units, being a mix of 60% private and 40% affordable, in addition to retail, office and cafe space.

Blears has written to LBHF to say she may instigate an inquiry, despite previously agreeing that the scheme “accords with national and regional policy”. An inquiry would obviously delay the scheme, which has planning permission from the Council.

H&F Council leader Stephen Greenhalgh said: “White City is one of the most deprived areas in Britain, with some of the worst health inequalities. The delay will stall, and possibly scupper, the health centre that local people so badly need.”

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