BID questions direction of malls

HammersmithLondon, the Business Improvement District (BID) has questioned whether the swift resale of Hammersmith and Fulham shopping centres is a good thing.

Arun Sondhi, Director of the BID, told the Hammersmith Chronicle that the proposed sale by WIlliam Ewart Properties of the Fulham Broadway, and Hammersmith Broadway centres may  not help the retail mix, or the health of the twon centres.

Wiliam Ewart are marketing the two centres, together with Victoria Place, for £295m just a year after acquiring them. Sondhi said: “It seems we are getting into a cycle where the highest bidder goes in, has no strategic vision and moves on again. Quick sales are not conducive to maximising the potential of these centres.”

He says there is a “pound shop mentality” which doesn’t fit with the profile of the people passing through the centres.

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