Battersea gets lottery cash

Residents in Battersea are to be given £1m of Lottery funding to spend on making their area a better place to live.

The Big Lottery Foundation has chosen Clapham Junction/West Battersea to take part in the Big Local initiative – which has picked 100 communities nationally to receive £1m each to spend improving their areas.

The money is designed to be spent on priorities agreed by local people – anything from creating new community facilities, tackling anti-social behaviour, providing more activities for young people or starting up training and employment schemes.

To begin with, a Big Local representative will bring residents and community organisations together to learn about the scheme, to create strategies to get people involved and to start the process of exploring what priorities local people have for the money.

Subsequently, a Big Local Partnership will be set up by local residents to develop a plan for the area.

Through the partnership, residents can gain access to a range of support, training and networking opportunities to enable them to make best use of their funding.

Rather than just using the money to allocate grants for initiatives, residents are encouraged to use different, more sustainable ways of financing, for example giving loans or funding social enterprises, where money could be reinvested in the community.

The money comes from a £200m Big Local fund, which aims to give communities a leading role in making decisions about how to improve their area and tackle local problems.

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